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    Grant XL vs. Grant LT

    I love mine it is my CB base station
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    Here I have attached pix of my station

    VERY NICE ....... Dom't let my wife see it or i'll have to clean my station up....
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    New to Ham. 10m and 2m questions

    YEP you can work the world on 17 with low power ..... I sometime use only 5 watts and a R7 vertical
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    what's a decent free band radio?

    Mag-257 .... But remember there is no such thing as a freeband that in mind stay off of 28.000 - 29.700mhz and no one will realy care .....
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    copper accused of shady business dealings.

    You might like this .... Sunday I got a E-Mail From Lon ( tech808 ) it was dated Dec 4 2011 ....... Nest trick since he is dead ........ at least 6 months. I guess we can't blame COPPER for this one ....
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    Does a 2950dx need a swing kit?

    HAMS fought for decades to end controled carrer modulation on many AM mode radios only to see swing kits bring it back .... The Ranger is a nice low end radio leave it alone ..... A late 50's Heathkit controlled carrer transmiter .... on left.
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    New to Ham. 10m and 2m questions

    On 10 meters there is no down side less thsn 1% of HAMS use AM on 10 meters. DX is good right now on 10 meters you can work the world on 100 watts You never know even on 2 meters what the DX gods will give you ....
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    Digital Encrypting?

    MOST officers don't care if you lissen to them in fact it is in a way good since it gives them many more eyes and ears.....
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    Digital Encrypting?

    I have worked in public safety for a long time .... The KEY for the scramble used by police and sheriff offices is well protected by the agencys they will jail you if you get caught and the charge is federal .... NOTE ... VERY LITTLE is scrambled my agancy uses if only when they need to .....
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    Yaesu FT 840 ?...

    GREAT RADIO ! It is the oldest radio in use in my shack.
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    Homemade CB tranceiver

    I built many of them and Knightkit too one of my first CB was a HEATHKIT !
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    Drake W-4

    I have had mine since 1970 it is no good above 50 mhz .....
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    Diamond base station antennas

    LMR-400 is what i use here BUT with the high amount of rainfall and a 50 foot run over a flat roof the Davis cable last longer and dosn't get wet as fast. I use it for these runs They are both good at 144.200 MHZ .... I find spects on most everything to be opomistic at best ...