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  1. B

    Antenna modeling software for Mac ?

    Does anyone know any good antenna modeling software that works with Mac? I know that Cocoa NEC used to be the go to. But it appears that that software has not been updated since 2018. The new Mac IOS will not allow it to be installed due to this reason. I absolutely cannot find anything else...
  2. AxlMyk

    Vertical coaxial antenna build.

    I'm building an antenna I can hide in an approximately 40' tall Blue spruce tree. The intent is to snake 40' of 1/2" CPVC pipe up the trunk, with the coaxial antenna inside it. These trees aren't made for climbing since they have hundreds of dead sticks inside, so tossing a rope over a branch...
  3. D

    End-fed Halfwave Matching Transformer

    I've been puttering around with end-fed half-wave antennas for 40 through 10 meters (concentrating on 40 for now), and have had trouble coming up with a good match-box design. I've tried different ideas from an array of online sources ranging from auto-transformers in various turns ratios to...
  4. E

    Polarization question

    Take your basic 4 element yagi. It can be mounted Vertical or Horizontal for the desired polarization. What do you get if antenna is mounted at a 45 degree angle, splitting the difference between vertical and horizontal?
  5. 8


  6. E

    Jogunn V-series

    I am aware that Jogunn publishes garbage for the gain and performance numbers. However I am interested in how their V Series antenna works. What do they mean when they say this antenna is dual polarity or circular polarity? Can it really talk to someone is transmitting horizontal and someone...
  7. Louisiana Mudd

    Tram 1411 - Impressed

    So... I do a lot of RTL-SDR stuff and needed a new antenna for a traveling setup. While I'm not much on the one fits all antenna but I wanted to try one that would cover 500khz to 1.7Ghz for scanning while also accommodating my new RCI-39VHP. I know, I know, that is a tall order but I went after...
  8. K

    Coaxial Sleeve Dipole-Driven Slim-Jim Collinear Antenna Proposal

    Hi All, I hope all is well and was hoping to get some feedback from the forum for a new antenna project I am working on. I've been attempting to learn all I can about vertical collinear antennas and the various methods of loading and phasing them. I want to avoid a jpole design due to the...

    Dummy Load plans and pics please ;) My Cantenna finnaly rotted through :(

    Like the title says I had a very old rusty Heath-Kit 1000 watt Cantenna dummy load but it finally started leaking and showed a dead short ;( I disposed of it for obvious reasons but im mad I did not pop the lid and keep it for a rebuild ;( . I have found some plans and they are ok but Im just...
  10. guitar_199

    Who always keeps "protection" handy???? (antenna related!)

    Does anyone put any kind of lightning protection on their coax anymore? I've been looking around lately and most of them say that they don't protect from a straight on hit....and with the energy in lightning..... I would say NOT!!!!!!! But what DOES everyone do to "make themselves giggle"...
  11. ButtFuzz

    ButtFuzz' PowerShell Radio / Antenna Math

    I was bored in PowerShell class today. Here's a simple PowerShell script to roughly calculate antenna values. YMMV. Wooooooo! ##################################################### Function Show-DipoleSize() { CLS [float]$freq = Read-Host "What is the desired freq. in MHz?" $f = ($freq) $a =...
  12. 530

    Sirio TWIN-LOG High Performance CB Mobile Fiberglass Antenna?

    So never saw one like this. Any experienced ones think this 5ft is better than a 5ft SkipShooter? I need a 5ft 4in or less and narrowed it down to my 5ft SkipShooter or...
  13. 530

    CB Mobile Antenna Choice Help

    My Antenna only can be no longer than 5ft 4inches for total tuned height. I am using a Puck Mount on the roof of a 2010 Jeep Liberty Renegade. I have a 5ft Skipshooter and a Tram SP-63 Open Coil. If you had a choice technically, which would you choose of the two to get out and receive the best...
  14. 927Mobile


    Hey Guys I'm looking for an HR2510 as my personal one was stolen in Toronto Canada. Must be in working order and have accessories Comment below
  15. Capt Crunch

    Short Mobile CB Antenna Advice

    I am having to buy a short CB antenna for 11 meters for my vehicle. It is a center roof puck mount. It can be no taller than 3 feet +- an inch. I hate the idea but I need something for this purpose at times when driving. Around 500 watts power handling minimum. The antennas I have looked at so...