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Recent content by JPT

  1. JPT

    Wanted: Funny or odd Radio related pictures for site contests

    T2W Slash, Black Jesus, Johnny Wood,, Miss you Big Brother,,,
  2. JPT

    Radio Towers, Domestic Terrorism, and RF Exposure

    PM me my paltalk user name & I will reinstall it, JPT
  3. JPT

    Radio Towers, Domestic Terrorism, and RF Exposure

    Mack, I am around for sure, just doing other thing for now. How is my old friend doing? JPT
  4. JPT

    Radio Towers, Domestic Terrorism, and RF Exposure

    Checking in Did someone mention my name?
  5. JPT

    new forum @ ampsrus.net

    There actually is a easy way to ban someone when the forum is using vBulletin software, you just need to understand the software. The forum is as only as smart as the admin when you dont care to update to the latest version of vB.
  6. JPT


    And purchase software that was not so easy to manipulate.
  7. JPT


    This is what happened's when you use free forum software, JPT
  8. JPT

    Antenna in Apartment Complex

    Swing a deal with the maintinance man to get on that roof. If you had the Antron up there, it would probably would not be noticed.
  9. JPT

    Tech ticket help

    yeah, what he said, JPT
  10. JPT


    Cool, that seems like a good price, you get the light fixed?
  11. JPT


    Thanks for the info, how do you like this radio? Also, what is a average price for a used unit?
  12. JPT


    Thanks for the lead, I am looking for a used one first, JPT.
  13. JPT


    Old thread,,,,,,,,,,,,anyone know where I might find one of these used?
  14. JPT

    Avanti Astro Plane (old school)

    Marconi, I took down this antenna for the time being since, I could not get the swr's down at 11 meters. It is going to my antenna tech for fiture testing, I am certain he will figure it out. For now I am using my 10K and have great luck, JPT.
  15. JPT

    My soon to be new tower.

    Jay, thanks for your input. I recently purchased a Interceptor 10K from you & will be installing it with new LMR 400 on this tower. I have posted pictures over at eham & there is a ham there, that is certain it is Rohn 6, this was produced in the 60's for light application's, such as a TV...